Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that focuses mainly on the area of steel materials, supported by outsourcing services. Founded in 2006, Jiangsu Sheye Metal is headquartered in Changzhou World Trade Center, with its five processing factories located in Luoyang Wujin, Wuxi Jiangsu, Taizhou Jiangsu, Wenzhou Zhejiang and Lishui Zhejiang respectively. The cover area of all these factories amounts to 120000meters roughly. Since its foundation, Jiangsu Sheye Metal has kept introducing advanced equipment and facilities, well-educated managing and technical talents for the sake of high customer satisfaction. The company has been subject to verification tests and approved by the ISO9001:2008 international quality system. Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company boasts a deep talent pool of over 1000 staffs with 43% holding university degrees or above and 9% possessing overseas study or work experience.

Under an environment of fast economic globalization and national economic transformation, Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. has incorporated outsourcing services into its business operations while committed to its producing processing and supplying activities. The rationale for this strategy is to provide one-stop shopping experience and reliable outsourcing solutions to help our customers achieve their strategic purchasing goals and enhance their market competitiveness. Jiangsu Sheye Metal will keep sticking on its management policy ‘To achieve significance, people come first.’

The production and supply of steel materials, as its core business, is of strategic importance to the development of Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. With the awareness, Jiangsu Sheye Metal has defined its value proposition as ‘good quality metal materials at incredibly low prices’ and its marketing strategy as ‘Good quality speaks louder than good advertisement’. To be a cost leader not at the expense of quality, Jiangsu Sheye Metal keeps ticking off all the perceivable elements that can contribute to cost increasing, striving to create perceivable value for every penny spent by our customers. Jiangsu Sheye Metal boasts three product lines dominated by stainless steel materials and supported by special steel and carbon steel materials. Each product line includes product segments of pipes and pipe fittings, bars, sheets and plates.

Outsourcing services, as a supporting business, focuses on the resolution of wrong purchasing decisions caused by lack of China’s market information, geographical distance, time differences and poor communications for overseas customers. Unlike traditional outsourcing consultancy firms or third-party inspection firms, Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. provides a package solution that includes supplier recommendation, quality inspection, and supervision of shipment, acting like your representing office. However, unlike a representative office, we don’t participate into your profit division. Whatever products you want to purchase, we will secure your purchasing as both your consultant and your inspector. We provide one-stop shopping service at incredibly low service fees.

Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. aims to be the first choice among all your suppliers if not the one and the only. We are making relentless efforts to create value for you, our customers old and new. Your happy purchasing experience is the best award we keep seeking for.