At the time to a falling steel prices, saw prices of stainless steel tube light

- Sep 02, 2016-

At the time to a falling steel prices, stainless steel tube saw the dawn of the price ...

Recently, several coal collective enterprises beginning to raise offer for stainless steel tubes.

Shenma group raised August stainless steel tube of coal price 50 Yuan/ton, or 4% or so. Coal shares are included in the price.

In addition, in the last weeks, Shanxi Coke Association meetings, proposed in August the province mainly in stainless steel tubes at 30 yuan/ton coking company progress-50 Yuan/ton.

Analyst Pu Xiaohua told securities daily reporter show that shares not only coal, power, kailuan of Hebei province group Jining mining area and range-bound stainless steel tube to quote, although there is no obvious increase in quotes in some mining area, but removed some preferential policies, offers bright steady dark rose.

Last week, the stainless steel tube opening 1460 Yuan/ton, the highest price of 1487 Yuan/ton, lowest 1443 Yuan/ton, the closing price of 1486/ton, up 17 Yuan/tons the week before, or 1.16%.

Shanghai China International Futures analyst Li Zhoulei also shows that July down shopping mall in Latin America market, since some Coke enterprises in North China region increases since quotes first, with rising in many areas last week, increases all over the about 20 Yuan, recently there are signs up in most other areas. Coke enterprises in North China areas calls for price increases remains high, the programme earlier this month continues to raise