Laser Welding of Copper to Stainless Steel

- Jan 03, 2017-

Weld joints of dissimilar metals are commonly used in different industries such as power generation, chemical, electronics and nuclear industries. Produced welds are utilising different properties of materials, which cannot provide single material. The copper - steel combination have often been widely used due to high electrical conductivity and stiffness.

But it is difficult to achieve defect free copper - steel dissimilar weld joints with the conventional fusion methods, such as GMAW and GTAW. Many researchers are dealing with study of the copper – steel dissimilar welds, such as: electron beam welding for joining copper to AISI 304 L austenitic stainless steel; dissimilar weld metal joint free of defects can be obtained when the amount of copper dissolved in the molten steel is very limited; gas tungsten arc welding of copper to AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel.