Precision steel tubes for automobile production

- Sep 02, 2016-

Car tubes (especially in the high-grade precision tubes for car) given the characteristics of its products with high technological content of products, production methods are required. Some products need to be set "weld-drawing-mill" combines production, to fully meet the requirements of. For some of the need to develop comprehensive production technology of products, some domestic enterprises have conducted some research work, have accumulated some experience in production technology. But in quality control of tube billet selected, pipe forming process, the weld heat treatment, technique, drawing (rolling) process, finished scale (light) heat treatment and precision (thin wall) steel tube finishing and testing key technologies such as effective support, to fully ensure that precision tube production technical quality requirements.

Automobile transmission shaft with precision welded pipe

Board with volume-Shang material, and open-Clip sent, and straightening flat-shear, and on welding-live sets storage material-forming-extrusion, and welding-to within, and outside Burr-rolling light-cooling-weld testing-set diameter-set feet cut-flat, and pour ribs-cleaning (drying)-straightening straight-lossless detection-test, and spray standard-Division pounds, and storage.