Stainless Steel Grades Explained

- Dec 05, 2016-

MARTENSITIC (Basic Type 410 (1.4006))

Hardenable by heat treatment


Weld ability is poor

Mainly a bar specification, also some strip and plate

Moderate corrosion resistance

Not used at low temperature


FERRITIC (Basic Type 430 (1.4016))

Cannot be hardened by heat treatment

Always magnetic

Moderate to good corrosion resistance

Weld ability is reasonable in thinner section but poor in thicker sections(over 2.5mm)

Good deep drawing properties

Generally a flat product specification

Not used at low temperature


AUSTETTIC (Basic Type 304 (1.4301))

Offen called 18/8 stainless

Non Magnetic

Cannot be Hardened by heat treatment, but Hardenable by cold working, called work hardening

Excellent corrosion resistance

Easily fabricated and formed with good cold formability

Excellent Weld ability in all thicknesses

Good deep drawing properties

Suitable for both high and low temperatures(cryogenics at -190℃ to 870℃)


DUPLEX (Basic Type 1.4462)

Structure is mixture of austenite and ferrite


Excellent corrosion resistance, especially to locallsed pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking

High strength(yield strength twice that of standard austenitic grades)

Welding requires more control of parameters than standard austenitic grades

Often possible to use thinner material than would be needed in austenitic grades



Very high strength and hardness up to 300℃

Achieved by heat treatment

Martensitic structure


Moderate corrosion resistance