The current market for stainless steel welded pipe better than of seamless stainless steel tube

- Sep 02, 2016-

With infrastructure projects such as real estate investment growth slowed, the domestic economy decelerating, the rigidity of the steel needed is also reduced, stainless steel tube is naturally no exception, all the markets showed signs of weakness.

But if put together versus stainless steel tube and pipe, welded pipe market seems better. Biggest reason welding offers advantages. Compared with seamless call precious quote, quotes easier to let people suffer of stainless steel pipes. Nickel price instability of vibrations, stainless steel pipe remained generally stable price, everyone looks to, seamless tubes of stainless steel pipe-offer a low, fluctuations are not very large. Many manufacturers suggests that various types of pipe, like decoration pipes, fasteners and other sales are still good. But because of the negative elements in the market comparison, it is estimated that all stainless steel tube market continues weak adjustment.