The use of hot-rolled seamless steel tube

- Sep 02, 2016-

Hot-rolled seamless steel tube, seamless steel tube with a hollow section, a large number of pipes used as transmission fluid, such as oil, natural gas, coal gas, water, some solid material piping and so on. Pipe and round, solid steel compared, in anti-bent anti-twist strength phase while, weight more light, is a economic section steel, widely for manufacturing structure pieces and mechanical parts, as oil drill pipe, and car drive shaft, and bike frame and building construction in the with of steel scaffolding, with pipe manufacturing ring parts, can improve material utilization, simplified manufacturing process, save material and processing work, has widely with pipe to manufacturing.

Precision tubes is one of cold-drawn or cold-rolled production of seamless steel tubes for high precision and high brightness. The inner and outer diameter can be accurate to within 0.2mm, guarantees resistance to bending and torsional strength is the same, weighs less, so widely used in the manufacture of precision mechanical parts and engineering structures. Also used in producing a variety of conventional arms, a gun barrel, shells and bearings.