416 Stainless Steel CD Bars In 7.98mm Diameter are Exported To South Korea | Sheye Metal

- Oct 24, 2016-

A customer from South Korea find us to ask whether we can produce high precision free-cutting stainless steel round bar. They are a teaching instrument manufacturing company, they require 416 stainless steel cd bar in 7.98mm diameter. And straightness tolerance of 416 stainless steel bar should be 0.05/400mm. The deviation of an external diameter should be within 0.01mm. Two ends of 416 stainless steel round bar must be chamfered.

416 Stainless Steel Round Bar in 7.98mm Diamter Exported to South Korea

It sounds the demand is very high. But as a leading manufacturer and supplier for 416 stainless steel bar in China, Sheye Metal can easily manufacture the cd bars. Sheye Metal has rich experience in producing high precision stainless steel bar. And the stainless steel cd bars we manufacture are exported to many countries in the world and widely used in different fields.

416 Stainless Steel Round Bar on the Production Line

What is the 416 stainless steel?

416 Stainless steel has a high machinability because of the extra sulfur found in its properties. The extra S element forms manganese sulfide inclusions which have the effect of not only lowering the corrosion resistance, but also 416 stainless steel's formability and weldability.

416 Stainless Steel Round Bar Ready for Shipment

Chemical Composition of 416 Stainless Steel

Weight, %

416 Stainless Steel Round Bar

Diameter: 3.0mm to 80mm;  Tolerance in Diamter:+/-0.01mm; Straightness Tolerance: 0.04mm/400mm.

Contact Person: Denny Zhao

Email: sales@syemetal.com