904L Stainless Steel Plates And Sheets With Full Size And Big Stock

- Aug 13, 2018-

904L Stainless steel sheets stock sizes: 1mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2mm/3mm/4mmx1219mm in width.

904L Stainless steel plates stock sizes: 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mmx1500x6000mm. Thick 904L stainless plates range from 6mm to 50mm in thickness. They are 1500mm and 2000mm in width.


904L Stainless Steel Plates Hot Rolled and Slitting Edge

The leading manufacturer and supplier of 904L stainless steel plates and sheets in China, Sheye Metal, has a sufficient stock of 904L stainless plates, which can be shipped to different countries at any time.


904L Stainless Steel Plates in 20mmx1500mmx6000mm

For years, Sheye Metal have exported 904L stainless steel plates to many sulfuric acid factories. We have rich experience in processing 904L stainless steel plates to meet the customer’s requirement. Normally, cold rolled 904L stainless steel sheets are manufactured by cutting and flattening 904L stainless steel coils. The thickness of the stock 904L stainless steel coils ranges from 1mm to 4mm. The sheets in thickness below of 1mm can be customized and the delivery time is always one month.


No.1/1D Finish of 904L Stainless Steel Plate

The width of cold rolled 904L sheets is always in 1219mm. We can cut the dimension of each 904L stainless steel sheets into 1219mmx2438mm, or 1219mmx3000mm, or any others. For hot rolled 904L stainless steel plates, its width usually has two types, namely 1500mm and 2000mm. However, equipped with advanced cutting machines, Sheye Metal can cut 904L stainless steel plates into a specified size, such as 500mmx500mm, 1000mmx1000mm.


904L Stainless Steel Plates by Water Jet Cutting

To protect the quality of 904L stainless steel plates and to avoid the damages during the transportation, Sheye Metal always put a cardboard between two plates. All exported 904L stainless steel plates are well packed with waterproof papers and protective angles. To buy cheap 904L stainless steel plates with good quality, please choose Sheye Metal, a professional manufacturer and supplier of 904L stainless steel plates and sheets.

904L Stainless Steel Plates

Thickness: 0.4mm ~ 50mm

Width: 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, or others

Contact Person: Denny Zhao

Email: sales@syemetal.com