ASTM B575 Alloy C-276 Plate In 6x2500x6000mm Imported For A Chinese Sulphuric Acid Coolers Manufacturer | Sheye Metal

- Sep 12, 2016-

Alloy C-276, also known as Hastelloy C-276, exhibits excellent resistance to concentrated solutions of oxidizing salts chloride and copper chloride. A Chinese sulphuric acid coolers manufacturer has an urgent demand for alloy c-276 plate, and they hope Sheye Metal can help them to obtain the plate in the shortest time.

ASTM B575 UNS N10276 Plate in 6x2500x6000mm

The dimension of Alloy C-276 plate is 6x2500x6000mm, and they request the standard production should be ASTM B575. VDM is one of the biggest manufacturer of high alloy products. And we eastablished a long term cooperation with them many years ago. After a positive negotiation, VDM arranged a quick delivery of Alloy C-276 plate.

UNS N10276 plate is widely used in pollution control equipment in energy production and thermal waste treatment plants. This material is especially for use in situations where hot, contaminated mineral acids, solutions and organic acids as well as sea water are encounted.

ASTM B575 Alloy C-276 Plate in 6mm Thickness

Sheye Metal has rich experience in manufacturing Alloy C-276 plates, the production period is about two months. If clients have it in demand, please contact us in advance so that we can manufacture products in time. To meet some special requirements, Sheye Metal can also help to arrange goods from cooperated mills, such as OutoKumpo, VDM,... For metal, we are serious.