Current Pricing Trends In Stainless Steel Plate

- Sep 02, 2016-

Prices vary in each area, for example, there is a difference between Beijing and Tianjin, Tianjin stainless steel plate price trends, summarize. Tianjin plate prices continue to push around 20 Yuan/ton. As press Shi, horse steel General Board price 3950 Yuan/tons around, low alloy Board 4120 Yuan/tons around; Tang Gangpu Board price 3920 Yuan/tons around; second-tier General Board price 3930 Yuan/tons around, low alloy Board 4100 Yuan/tons around; stainless steel thick Board line 40mm General Board 4020 Yuan/tons, low alloy Board 4200 Yuan/tons around; special thick Board four cut 80mm General Board 4120 Yuan/tons, low alloy Board 4310 Yuan/tons around.

New year's day a couple of business days, Tianjin stainless steel plate market price has reached 100 Yuan/ton, robust prices move so quickly and it was every geographical and human costs pull up sharply and the price of relatively scarce resources became the solid foundation. As the market continues to rise, plate distributor for years after market inevitably concern prices may be overdrawn at the end of year market space, so most retailers have concentrated after the arrival, tend to quickly digest parts inventory.

Has a number of resources in Yingkou arrived in Shanghai yesterday, although business no large single sale but sold off big Bill to talk about. According to the author's communication and understanding, most players cautious wait-and-see, although high costs may help push the market price rose again, but it is also important to ensure a certain amount of shipping, so today in Tianjin market prices or consolidation, and slower pace of price increases.