Stainless Steel Bar Pull The Process

- Nov 02, 2017-

Stainless Steel Bar Pull the process

Did not notice before, but recently found some commonly used stainless steel parts, there are many of the use of stainless steel profiles through the bending process to obtain, we can see the ability to pull bending is still very strong. So, stainless steel profile bending process will show what kind of characteristics? One of the most obvious is that by bending the stainless steel structure can change the spatial structure, resulting in complex parts of the profile. Second, but also the formation of high strength than the profile of bending parts, the performance of the workpiece will be improved. Bending is different from other bending processes, by contrast, it gets higher bending accuracy, and resilience is still relatively small. This special process in the aircraft, automotive profiles bending parts of the production has been a very wide range of applications, such as the frame on the ribs of the edge of the fuselage before and after the short section of the engine short truss, due to its shape accuracy requirements are Very high, so can only pull the process to meet the requirements. Stainless steel profiles of the process, once the control will be bad there will be bad, for example, stainless steel profile of the drawing process is likely to cause cracking phenomenon. That should be how to do both the smooth stretch, and will not produce defects? Worth pondering. Through continuous research found that only the use of appropriate lubricants, stainless steel profiles can be guaranteed the ideal stretch effect, this is because the use of lubricants will form a layer of lubricating film, this film has a certain toughness and elongation , So you can protect the material from harm. In actual production, a polyvinyl fluoride film can be used as a lubricant because it has excellent tear strength, toughness and elongation, and is easy to clean. In the process of stretching, the lubricating film can be deformed together with the material, always play a protective role on the material.

Long time different stainless steel surface there will be a lot of material, if not treated directly to use, then the use of the product is bound to be affected. But for the cleaning of these different substances, the use of the way is different, we know how to distinguish and master.

Which should be the most entrainment of dust, but this is the most easy to remove the material, just water or alkaline solution can be completely removed. However, if the dirt adhesion is relatively strong, it is best to use high pressure water or steam to clean up.

On the surface of a stainless steel profile, there are some substances that will be corroded by the material, which is free iron and must be removed. Since the surface of the iron source a lot, so the way to clear the use of different, want to get satisfactory results, it is best to use clean water or nitric acid on the surface of the washing until the dark blue completely disappeared.

At the beginning, the stainless steel profiles in the welding and grinding process, but also due to high temperature and surface in the surface of chromium oxide thermal recovery color and other oxide layer, in order not to affect the normal use of stainless steel profiles, this part of the material should be eliminated clean.