Stainless Steel Bar Stainless Steel Rod Industry Integration

- Aug 17, 2017-

Stainless Steel Bar Stainless steel rod industry integration

According to the China Stainless Steel Bar Application Association statistics, as of the third quarter of last year, China's 151 access enterprises only 49 enterprises to enjoy the "comprehensive utilization of resources and labor value-added tax preferential directory," the relevant tax rebate policy, accounting for the total number of enterprises 32.45 %. Said the relevant departments should speed up the implementation of the relevant preferential policies to further strengthen the country on the use of green resources, stainless steel rods and metallurgical slag solid waste treatment of the policy measures.

It is reported that, as the environmental protection industry, especially stainless steel rod industry leading enterprises, always adhere to the integration of stainless steel rod industry development ideas. On the one hand to strengthen the vertical integration of development, and urge Gezhouba Industrial Company, and its more than 60 branches, subsidiaries, around the stainless steel bar business needs, increase base construction, equipment updates, technological innovation, product development efforts, extend the industrial chain , To enhance product quality, to achieve the one-stop operation of the stainless steel rod industry for the entire industry transformation and upgrading, integration provides an example; on the other hand to strengthen the integration of horizontal development, give full play to the national stainless steel rod industry alliance " Take the lead in promoting industry standards, integrity brand building, the implementation of standardized operation, compliance management, for the whole industry to provide the overall upgrade to provide dynamic support.

Recently, the price of stainless steel bar showed a slight decline trend, but the reporter found that the profits of stainless steel bar business has reached a very impressive level. In some analysts view, now the construction of stainless steel bar price margins, has far exceeded the highest level in history. By the excess capacity of troubled stainless steel bar industry, why would there be such a performance release macro steel bar operation and respond to hot spots

It is tempting to go ahead

They decorated a light steel hut like a bread. Cottage outside covered with dense green plants, highlighting the company's green development concept. Their products are mainly exported to Latin America and "along the way" along the country, last year to achieve exports of 35 million US dollars this year is expected to double.

Is "going out" time is not long, but the more successful stainless steel bar. And many Hebei stainless steel bar in the "going out" before, or worry about.

How to make better in the international road, go faster, go more stable, the provincial Department of Commerce related leaders said that the next step, will focus on strengthening the five aspects of docking. One project docking. Around the service to the province to the production capacity, efforts to promote the advantages of international cooperation; around the province's economic transformation and upgrading, focus on promoting the acquisition of foreign steel rods advanced technology, well-known brands, marketing networks and other high-end elements. Second, the park docking. Support the strength of stainless steel rods strong combination, to the construction of overseas cooperation park, promote the upstream and downstream industry coordinated development, guide the stainless steel rods to foreign economic and trade cooperation zone gathered. Third, bank and enterprise docking. Continue to strengthen cooperation with the financial institutions in the province, the organization has been filed and intentionally go out of the stainless steel bar, held bank-enterprise matchmaking or one-on-site office to help the stainless steel bar to solve the financing difficulties. Fourth, letter and enterprise docking. In conjunction with the letter of credit agencies, and jointly improve the risk support system, play a role in policy credit insurance, increase the "going out" stainless steel bar to support overseas projects to support efforts. Five is the policy docking. Close coordination with the foreign tube and other departments to help guide the stainless steel bar to strengthen the overseas investment project pre-research, optimize the financing program, do a good job in risk prevention and control work, to promote more real compliance project "going out" and strive for stainless steel bar To carry out foreign investment and international production capacity to create an enabling environment.