Stainless Steel Bar Surface Treatment

- Sep 22, 2017-

Stainless Steel Bar Surface treatment

All kinds of surface stainless steel angle of the use of a stainless steel angle of the surface treatment

Stainless steel angle is generally to maintain the annealing, pickling 2B finishing in the bright annealing and cold rolling to maintain high gloss state BA finishing the main, but in order to meet the needs of users can also be surface treatment. The specific processing methods are various kinds of grinding, embossing pattern processing, purification processing, etching and processing, including paint, alloy chemical hair color, ion plating, other dry coating and other color processing; Cu, Ni, Sl and monel, corrosion resistant alloys were covered on the surface of stainless steel horns for the purpose of improving the corrosion resistance and electromagnetic resistance.

On the other hand, in recent years, developed a clear (clear) paint and laminated printing film (film) patterned stainless steel angle steel and coated with different metallic hue plating of stainless steel angle, can be widely in many fields. Second, painted stainless steel angle

Produced in the 1970s painted stainless steel angle is mainly used for roof (roof) material. Began to use the extinction fine SU304 stainless steel angle plate, because the coastal areas in the atmosphere containing high salt and rust problems. To this end, the development of stainless steel angle steel surface coating resistance to atmospheric corrosion (referred to as weather resistance) excellent silicon degeneration of polyester-based fluorine-based coloring paint products to solve the problem of rust, until now are the roof with stainless steel angle of the mainstream timber The This product is not only weatherability, excellent corrosion resistance, but also through the adjustment of painted tones to make it has a beautiful pattern and good anti-glare.

1) patterned painted stainless steel angle

With the expansion of the use of stainless steel angle, there is a problem of fingerprint contamination (stain) and corrosion caused by food and medicine in the use of appliance and interior decoration materials. Its countermeasure is painted on the surface of stainless steel angle, but the original coloring paint damages the metallic luster pattern on the surface of stainless steel angle.

To this end, in recent years developed both to prevent fingerprint contamination and corrosion, both on the excellent pattern of transparent paint stainless steel angle, mainly used for refrigeration and electronic instrument panel. The original precoated layer of transparent paint stainless steel angle in the weatherability, corrosion resistance is not ideal, with the paint before the processing technology progress, has solved this problem, so that transparent paint stainless steel angle of the product.