Stainless Steel Floor Plate In 304/L, 316/L Exported To South Korea | Sheye Metal

- Jul 28, 2017-

Stainless steel floor plates, also called as diamond plates, are processed by hot rolled stainless steel plates. One customer from South Korea places an order of 80 tons of 304 & 316L stainless steel floor plates. The specified sizes are 3.0*1219*2438mm, 5.0*1500*3000mm, and the surface is No.1 finish.

Processing of Stainless Steel Floor Plate.jpg

Processing of Stainless Steel Floor Plate

Stainless steel floor plates are available in 1500*3000mm in Sheye Metal, we stock a large quantities so it can be immediately delivered. Our stainless steel floor plates are sold to both commercial and domestic customers not just from China but also foreign countries.

304 Stainless Steel Floor Plate.jpg

304 Stainless Steel Floor Plate

To meet different requirements from different customers, we also provide cutting processing service. All plates can be cut to your exact width and length. To buy stainless steel floor plates from Sheye Metal, you just need to tell us the follows: grade, surface finish, size, quantity.

Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Floor Plate.jpg

Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Floor Plate

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304/L 316/L Stainless steel floor / diamond plate

Size: T.: 0.7-8.0mm W.: 1000~1800mm

Contact Person: Sharon Shen