Stainless Steel Pipe Can Go Into Spring Town Into A Key Driver Of

- Sep 02, 2016-

"Winter has arrived, can spring be far behind?" On the stainless steel pipe industry, "winter has now arrived" is the number of consecutive years of practical, professional the pace of recovery has been delayed. "This year, China's output value will reach an estimated 723 million tons of stainless steel tubes in 2013, China's stainless steel output will be 2% per cent, apparent consumption of stainless steel pipes will be 3% per cent. Steel Professional is well prepared for the winter for a long time, iron and steel enterprises need to get proactive habits high productivity, high cost, low efficiency of a difficult situation. "China's steel industry chain in the recently held strategic and investment Summit CISA Vice Secretary General Zhang Changfu urged road.

However, there are many people in the industry thought, recently issued the national microeconomic policy or signal for professional release spring of stainless steel tubes. Especially just completed the central economic work Conference will promote the urbanization construction as the next mission is one of the main points of China's economic development. It is regarded by industry will become an important force in boosting market demand.