Stainless Steel Pipe Tube High Precision Requirements

- Sep 11, 2017-

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube High precision requirements

In addition to bending stainless steel tube, the other metal pipe bending technology is also very mature, like brass, iron, aluminum and other metal elbow. Especially aluminum, aluminum pipe profile of the pipe is a very strong pipe. Many places on the aluminum elbow are helpless. Aluminum pipe bending with ordinary stainless steel pipe processing What is the difference? 1, the requirements of different molds: stainless steel tube shape is basically a tube, square tube, rectangular tube-based, in general, is the rules. But the aluminum is not the same, and her shape strange, it is difficult to have conventional and unconventional points, only according to the needs of customers to points. So the aluminum is difficult to have a ready mold.

2, the difference between the material: stainless steel pipe material is generally higher than the hardness of aluminum profiles Aluminum relative to the soft, so when the elbow must have a filler, or when the elbow will be deformed. And a lot of stainless steel tube is not required to fill the material.

3, the elbow precision requirements: aluminum is mainly used for doors and windows of the material, the accuracy of the elbow demanding, a little rebound or bend too much, will lead to customers can not use. While the stainless steel although the accuracy of the requirements, but in general there is no aluminum so high. The price of stainless steel pipe has been civilians, and has entered every person's life. Life with the most to be 201 or 304 stainless steel tube. Mostly used in stainless steel anti-theft windows, staircase handrails and sliding doors and water pipes in these places, then the use of stainless steel tube What are the benefits? 1, the use of stainless steel pipe corrosion resistance.

2, stainless steel pipe is the building materials used in the strength of one of the best materials.

3, the use of stainless steel pipe surface than the use of other materials on the surface beautiful.

4, the use of stainless steel tube in life to clean up.

5, now the price of stainless steel pipe has become cheaper

6, the use of stainless steel pipe life than the use of other materials to be longer.

The benefits of stainless steel pipe more than these, more use is being developed, stainless steel water pipe application is a good example. Whether you need stainless steel pipes for decoration or stainless steel pipes and industrial fluids, Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. offers you a comprehensive range of stainless steel tubing products and a one-stop shopping experience.