Stainless Steel Pipe Tube Material On The Difference

- Aug 22, 2017-

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube Material on the difference

In addition to bending stainless steel tube, the other metal pipe bending technology is also very mature, like copper, iron, aluminum and other metal elbow. Especially aluminum, aluminum pipe profile of the pipe is a very strong pipe. Many places on the aluminum elbow are helpless. 3, the requirements of different molds: stainless steel tube shape is basically a round tube, square tube, rectangular tube-based, in general, is the rule of the rules of the stainless steel pipe. But the aluminum is not the same, and her shape strange, it is difficult to have conventional and unconventional points, only according to the needs of customers to points. So the aluminum is difficult to have a ready mold.

2, the difference between the material: stainless steel pipe material is generally higher than the hardness of aluminum profiles Aluminum relative to the soft, so when the elbow must have a filler, or when the bend will be deformed. And a lot of stainless steel tube is not required to fill the material.

3, the accuracy of the elbow requirements: aluminum is mainly used to do the doors and windows of the material, the accuracy of the elbow demanding, a little rebound or bend too much, will lead to customers can not use. While the stainless steel although the accuracy requirements, but in general there is no aluminum so high.

Stainless steel for the above problems, after several experiments have found a solution to the problem. Stainless steel pipe processing was established more than ten years, the elbow technology is mature, advanced equipment. The metal pipe processing this piece has been leading with peers. Whether it is aluminum or stainless steel pipe, we commonly used metal pipe bending processing you can find. In the usual turn round single also pay attention to the thickness of the stainless steel tube material, specifications. Not all of the stainless steel tube can bend round, generally bend the stainless steel tube to the high copper content, the effect of less bending out the better impurities, bending the thickness is also very sensitive, the thickness is too thin and too thick are easy Damaged stainless steel tube. When doing the elbow, try not to choose high carbon content, in the process of bending is easy to split the deformation, we must choose a high copper content, low carbon content of the tube bending effect better.

Stainless steel elbow processing master has more than 10 years of elbow experience, what kind of stainless steel tube can bend what kind of can not bend, bend the effect of how, are very clear. So that our pipe processing is very mature, so that you can rest assured that the next single.

Stainless steel in the corner when the single, according to the texture of the material and customer requirements, to recommend what kind of stainless steel pipe manufacturers, while ensuring that customers work for the ideal elbow products.