Stainless Steel Pipe Tube The Main Purpose

- Aug 30, 2017-

Stainless Steel Pipe Tube The main purpose

The main varieties and materials of stainless steel tube

1) stainless steel main varieties: DIN series of high precision precision precision stainless steel tube, hydraulic system for precision stainless steel tube, automotive manufacturing precision stainless steel tube

2) Main criteria: DIN2391, DIN2445, EN10305, DIN1629, DIN1630, ASTM A179

3) Stainless steel pipe Main material: ST35 (E235) ST37.4 ST45 (E255) ST52 (E355)

4) Main delivery status: NBK (+ N) GBK (+ A) BK (+ C) BKW (+ LC) BKS (+ SR)

5) Main features: precision stainless steel tube inside and outside the wall without oxidation layer, to withstand high pressure without leakage, high precision, high finish, cold bending is not deformed, flaring, flattening no cracks

6) Stainless steel pipe Main use: Used in hydraulic system piping, automobile manufacturing piping, military, engineering machinery, railway locomotive, aerospace, ship, injection molding machine, die casting machine, machine tool, diesel engine, petrochemical, power station, boiler equipment industry. With the continuous development of China's economy, the state vigorously develop the energy industry, long-distance oil and gas pipeline is an important way of energy protection, in the oil (gas) pipeline anti-corrosion construction process, seamless steel pipe surface treatment is to determine the critical life of pipeline corrosion One of the factors, it is a combination of corrosion and steel can be a strong combination of the premise. According to the research institutions, the life of the coating depends on the coating type, coating quality and construction environment and other factors, the surface treatment of seamless steel pipe on the life of the coating about 50%, therefore, should be strictly in accordance with the coating Standardize the requirements of seamless steel pipe surface, continue to explore and summarize, and constantly improve the surface treatment of steel.

1, cleaning

The use of solvents, emulsions to clean the surface of steel to achieve the removal of oil, grease, dust, lubricants and similar organic matter, but it can not remove the steel surface rust, oxide, welding, etc., so in the anti-corrosion production only as an auxiliary means.

2, the tool rust

Mainly the use of steel wire brush and other tools to polish the steel surface, you can remove loose or tilt of the oxide, rust, welding slag and so on. Manual tool derusting can reach Sa2 level, power tools rust can reach Sa3 level, if the steel surface attached to a solid iron oxide skin, tool rust effect is not ideal, not up to the requirements of anti-corrosion construction of the depth of the anchor.