Stainless Steel Plate Sales Skills Are What?

- Sep 02, 2016-

In stainless, stainless steel plate is more widely used.   Now has many sales stainless steel in the thick Board of people are not know how right of to sales the class products, worried customer on we of products proposed views and problem, total think if customer mention of problem too more on cannot completed this sales, also some sales personnel cannot is good of processing customer questions, led to cannot sold, following is I summary of five article gold law, hope can on members has help.   First: understand customer problems, try to let customers talk more about some of the problems, with a curious mind, inquisitive spirit into play, so that customers complain, ask questions, understand customers ' business needs. Second: the agreed with the customer feeling when a customer is finished, do not answer the question directly, emotional withdrawal, for example I feel you.   Thus reducing the customer's defenses, let them feel that you are with him on the same starting line.   Third: key issues, customer specific "repeat" customer specific objections, a detailed understanding of customer needs, let the customer key description as detailed as possible cause of the problem.   Part IV: customer problem, repeat answer customer questions and you have to do is repeat what you hear, this is called first, understood, and followed part of the customers and their mutual recognition, this is the final passage of a deal, because doing so can know your customer is aware of the benefits of your product, which laid the Foundation for you to guide customers toward the final success. Five: let customers know about the real motives behind their objections when the customer sees the motivations behind, sales can start from here, think and speak the customer's value, it eliminates the gap between each other, the only way to build real relationships of mutual trust.