Stainless Steel Price Adjustment On The Market Direction

- Sep 02, 2016-

Now, in many places, started using a lot of stainless steel materials. Now in the stainless steel market, started using stainless steel tube industry of origin region of highly concentrated. According to the latest statistics, more than 90% stainless steel tube manufacturers concentrated in Zhejiang Province and Songjiang area, particularly in Zhejiang Wenzhou special focus.  Therefore, stainless steel steel pipe industry in Wenzhou market price movements as the main example, and in recent years, stainless steel price in the situation! Stainless steel pipe pipe directly to downstream users, have preference and diversity in downstream demand, which has caused the quotation line of stainless steel tubes in form, as well as the diversification of content which offers the main form is based on length, weight, and number of unit price. But in the specification is a variety of diverse. Seamless in terms of common industrial specification has reached more than more than 30 most common quotation.

For different sizes and types of products targeted for the downstream industry is not the same, it will lead directly to stainless steel pipe industry on susceptibility of different policies on the industry is particularly high. But if you look at the whole, stainless steel tube products were severely affected by the wider economic cycle; but if you watch from individual words, different types and different sizes of stainless steel pipe production enterprise, the material will be directed downstream industry life cycle has a very severe impact. Pipes running from the overall pace of the market will not neatly on materials like stainless steel tube manufacturing industry, and participate in a gap was very obvious; for example, the first quarter of this year as an example, stainless steel plate, production enterprises have basically agreed to pace dramatic decline in profits, most companies suffered losses. But already in the stainless steel pipe business in the nuclear and petrochemical profits arising in the building slowly closer to 50%. Decorative tube so other enterprise and welded pipe companies will along with the broader economy into trouble.