Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Commonly Used Steel Structure

- Sep 29, 2017-

Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Commonly used steel structure

Contact the stainless steel plate is not too much time, the node design can not easily grasp the main difficulty is that the node in the board size and weld, bolt size, quantity and other parameters of each other constraints. Not only under the existing conditions can be designed to produce the only one out of the best results. Some parameters need to be assumed to calculate other parameters. May be tried again and again. Even if the experience is very rich people, do the same node twice, twice also often not the same.

Two ways to quickly learn the commonly used steel structure node type design

1. "Steel structure connection and node design manual" has detailed calculation requirements and formulas. It is recommended to find their own real node encountered, Yale to the European Central Bank colleagues to call the stainless steel tube manufacturers QE when QE do not hesitate to do the manual design. Designed to try to assume different parameters (such as different column foot floor length and width, different stiffener thickness), when the initial selection parameters unreasonable, derive other parameters, will always encounter or can not calculate or violate the requirements of the structure of the situation. Repeated trial, even if all the requirements to meet, you can continue to change parameters for the attempt. And then experience their differences.

2. MTStool relies on it to do the design may also be inadequate, but it is definitely worth recommending learning node design good software. For the type of node it covers, try to fill in different parameters, you can immediately give the violation. The process of changing parameters is to learn to improve the process. Pay attention to their actual encounter with the node, a reasonable cross section + reasonable internal force is the premise of the design of reasonable nodes. Otherwise, such as the problem is wrong, the more the more confused, is not conducive to learning.

Many people will find our daily life in the use of 201 stainless steel plate in the face of high temperature when there will be discoloration of the phenomenon, then what is the reason for the phenomenon of stainless steel tube discoloration of it? The following stainless steel pipe manufacturers professionals to introduce you to the relevant reasons.

201 stainless steel surface oxide film is a five-color transparent film, Zhejiang Shuangsen metal technology shares with light interference principle to explain its color. When the parallel light to the surface of the oxide film, a part of the light on the surface of the oxide film specular reflection occurs at the same time also occurs, into the oxide film, and then reflected from the lower surface back; the same part of the light also occurred in the reflection and refraction phenomenon. 201 stainless steel plate light reflected by the light and light refraction into the oxide film and then reflected from the lower surface of the light together to form the interference light. When the two coincides with the crests or crests or troughs overlap with the trough, the light waves are enhanced; on the contrary, when the two peaks and troughs overlap, the light vibration is weakened. White light is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple seven colors of composite light, when it produces the interference, what color of light is strengthened, mainly depends on the thickness of the oxide film. That is, when the white light through a certain thickness of the oxide film, so that one of the wavelength of light waves to strengthen, the oxide film shows the wavelength of the corresponding light color; when the white light through another thickness of the oxide film, the other wavelength Light vibration to strengthen the oxide film to show another color, so you can explain why 201 stainless steel plate will encounter a high temperature change.