Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Excellent Durability

- Sep 11, 2017-

Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Excellent durability

Although stainless steel has superior performance, the main factor restricting its widespread use in structural engineering is its costly. If the stainless steel pipe filled with concrete to form a stainless steel tube concrete structure can greatly reduce the amount of stainless steel, 316L stainless steel

So as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of the project. At present, the ordinary concrete-filled steel tube has been widely used in structural engineering, 316L stainless steel plate, the new stainless steel tube concrete structure is expected to have both ordinary steel pipe mechanical properties and excellent durability of stainless steel, 316L stainless steel plate, stainless steel exposure The SUS304 is not very resistant to atmospheric corrosion, and it is recommended to use SUS316 for buildings that are easily corroded in coastal areas. However, due to increased costs, so in 1982 developed austenitic stainless steel, this steel and 304 stainless steel cost similar to 316 steel resistance to atmospheric corrosion similar to Wuxi stainless steel and add nitrogen, low sulfur. After that, the 22Cr -0.7Mo-Nb steel made from cast mill has attracted people's attention as a building exterior decoration material, especially as a roofing material for exposure. Wuxi stainless steel plate This information than for the automotive exterior decoration of the 19Cr-0.5Cu-Nb steel more suitable for the brutal environment. Before 1991, developed Mo high-purity ferritic stainless steel, built in 1989, Chiba Prefecture's trade fair also used a large number of uncoated 22Cr-0.8Mo-0.5Cu-Nb steel and 22Cr-0.9Mo- 0.5Cu-Nb steel. But in the coastal area, because these steel is not Wuxi stainless steel tube coating, easy to rust, so the company developed a modified ferrite stainless steel.

High Cr-Mo steel is used as a coastal roof and exterior decoration information. High Cr-Mo steel in Europe and the United States was originally used to deal with seawater, fresh water heat exchanger tube, fresh water in Japan, but its use of atmospheric corrosion resistance. The elongation rate of stainless steel is small, the elastic modulus E is larger, the hardening index is higher, the thick anisotropy index r is very small (stainless steel is 0.9 ~ 0.11, soft steel is 1.3 ~ 2.0). The stainless steel material is short from the yield to the split plastic deformation time, especially its plastic strain ratio. The deep drawing of stainless steel plates sometimes occurs after deep drawing deformation, sometimes when the drawing part is withdrawn from the die; it is sometimes subjected to impact or vibration after drawing deformation; After a period of storage or in the course of use only occurred. This paper analyzes the causes of defects in the deep drawing of stainless steel plates and puts forward the disposal methods.