Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Heat Treatment Process

- Oct 13, 2017-

Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Heat treatment process

Learning stainless steel heat treatment technology This course, in the previous few professional production practice under the premise of starting from the basic principles of alloying, in the grasp of stainless steel elements in the role of the general rule of steel, go to master or familiar The special rules of alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel and special properties steel for various uses in the machine manufacturing industry, heat treatment process, organization, performance and use. This is not only conducive to cultivating scholars to analyze the problem, the ability to solve the problem, but also in the use of basic theory to solve the different contradictions of different uses of steel, to deepen the understanding of the basic principles, and to strengthen the unity of theory and practice.

First of all, we have to understand the role of stainless steel alloy in the steel, stainless steel classification and number and stainless steel metallurgical defects. Followed by stainless steel and parts of the heat treatment and tool steel and tool heat treatment; Finally, special performance steel heat treatment process design basis. Stainless steel heat treatment process A strong technical science, on the development of the current level of view, or relatively young, people through the production struggle and scientific experiments, although the discipline has been a number of regular understanding, but because of Understanding of the conditions of the restrictions, there are many phenomena, there is no complete explanation, yet to be further in-depth study.

We learn this science to always keep: the service conditions and failure forms of alloy steel parts - the performance requirements of stainless steel - the role of chemical composition - heat treatment - organization and performance - the scope of the use of this main clue. Through comprehensive analysis, familiar with and master the basic knowledge of stainless steel and heat treatment, in order to develop a reasonable part of the heat treatment process and spare parts selection and process analysis to lay the necessary foundation.

The preparation of the stainless steel heat treatment process was based on the training objectives of the Technical Program for Metal Heat Treatment in the First Specialized School of Mechanical Industry in 1978 and the syllabus of this course. In order to realize the four modernizations of our country in this century and improve the level of culture, science and technology of the whole nation as soon as possible, we use dialectical materialism as the guiding ideology to strengthen the theoretical foundation and strive to combine theory with practice to reflect the current application New materials, new processes and new technologies, both to take care of the current production reality, but also take into account the future direction of development to enable to adapt to the actual needs of a recent period. The center includes the principle of alloying, heat treatment of stainless steel and parts, heat treatment of tool steel and tools, general introduction of special properties steel, and heat treatment process design basis. Stainless steel is based on China's new standards, heat treatment process to take the production of new achievements, and the material and process organically linked.