Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Wide Range of Applications

- Nov 02, 2017-

Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Wide range of applications

We know that stainless steel is of excellent quality and characteristics, it is because of its quality, so that its application has become more and more widely, and in the global scope of stainless steel production and demand has been continued to grow the trend. The 304 stainless steel sheet as a general type of corrosion-resistant materials, it is only after cold rolling can get high-performance products, and a wide range of products, including food industry equipment, kitchen utensils and electronics industry and other fields.

Due to the different uses of stainless steel in various fields, this is not the same as the performance requirements of cold-rolled stainless steel 304, especially when the thickness of stainless steel is small, and then it can find its comprehensive cold processing performance is also very important. By analyzing the impact of rolling and annealing processes on its properties and organization, we will now examine the effects of production process parameters on its organization and performance, and optimize the production and improve the performance of the site to provide experimental data.

This laboratory material is a 304 stainless steel plate produced by a factory. Its chemical composition includes: 0.0528C, 0.5166Si, 0.03P, 1.1983Mn, 17.016Cr, 0.0016S, 8.0061Ni, 0.083Mo, 0.1989Cu, 0.0087Sn. The samples were then subjected to annealing at different temperatures (1060, 1080 and 1100 ° C) for different times (2,5 and 8 min). And then use the electronic universal test machine to carry out the tensile test, etc., so that it can determine its strength and calculate the n value and r value. The quality of a stainless steel rod surface depends on the pickling process after the heat treatment, but if the surface of the previous heat treatment process formed by the surface oxide thickness, or uneven organization, it will lead to uneven steel plate surface. Therefore, in the heat treatment heating, be sure to let him maintain a uniform and thus the formation of scale. So to do this request, mainly to do the following.

(1) If the surface of the workpiece is attached to the surface of the workpiece, the thickness of the scale of the oil adhering portion and the thickness and composition of the other parts are different. And the base metal under the oxide will be carburized by the erosion of the acid. Therefore, the operating staff do not hand to direct contact with stainless steel parts, do not let the workpiece stained with new oil. You must wear clean gloves.

(2) If the stainless steel workpiece on the surface of debris, then, must wait until the organic matter or ash attached to the workpiece, the heating will naturally have an impact on the scale.

(3) gas or oil flame direct contact with the stainless steel surface and no contact with the place where the oxide is a certain difference. Therefore, it is necessary to make the handling member not directly in contact with the flame at the time of heating.