Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Industry Ups And Downs

- Sep 02, 2016-

Stainless steel welded pipe produced in China is almost a blank. Domestic demand only a few military goods and large stainless steel tubes, and are mostly seamless and welded pipe little demand for stainless steel welded pipe imported civilian was almost a blank.

Probably 20 years Qian, by some Taiwan businessman using sale labor beginning through introduced some pipe equipment for processing Hou export to abroad, national its Shi measure a total 70, and 80 article produced line, output probably in 50,000 tons around, primary is produced some industrial with tube and for abroad of company do processing, civilian and decoration with tube rarely, its Shi everyone on stainless steel tube of know that is thought stainless steel pipe is with in environment poor, corrosion sex strong of local, Decoration with tube just rendering in those four star above of hotel, because everyone of income and stainless steel pipe of quotes Zhijian of distance too big, stainless steel pipe is a high-end commodity, almost is is expected to and not and the of, this situation has always been continues to to Shang century 90 times in the late, despite through near ten years of carried out, and annual are has increased, but stainless steel pipe of output increased to 300,000 tons around zhihou, never to more high of approach development, And it was thought at that time, China's stainless steel output will start to decline, professional stainless steel welded pipe has no more space available.

Breeds in the normally quiet expectation 10 years ago, professional stainless steel welded pipe from China had rapid development, because of declining raw materials quotes, localization of production equipment are completed, these elements promote the profession, followed by entering this career threshold has dropped dramatically, making the stainless steel welded pipe and its products entering the country may. In small towns and in the countryside, along with everyone's living standards progress, many residents to seek a beautiful, useful, security, and gradually this looks nice and sturdy by using stainless steel security doors, security Windows. Imports of stainless steel welded pipe from many ordinary families. Village Mall opened, beautiful and professional stainless steel welded pipe ushered in a spring. Because China produces stainless steel welded pipe processing fees low prices, together with information progressively thriving, particularly the Internet, to facilitate communication among the citizens of various countries, exports of stainless steel welded pipe also began to form.